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Cooking Hacks

+ Delicious Recipes



A kitchen hero, and solution for it all!

“Potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable, but they are more than just delicious. They are a nutritional powerhouse that is affordable, has a long shelf life, and is faster to cook than you think.”

– Cara Harbstreet, RD

Sheet Pan Dinner

Sheet Pan Roasted Turkey and Herbed Potatoes

One pan gets you a complete meal. Do this with many combinations of protein, potatoes, and other vegetables you like.

Hack: By throwing in some extra potatoes, you can get a jump start on your cooking for the next few days.

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Pressure Cooker

Green Chili, Corn, and Potato Chowder

Put your Pressure Cooker to work! Start cooking your potatoes in your pressure cooker for lightning-fast prep or choose-your-own-adventure meals.

Hack: By getting the potatoes started in the pressure cooker, you can whip the soup together in minutes on the stovetop.

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Freezer Favorite

Tuscan Kale and Potato Soup, aka Zupa Toscana

Cook a big batch of freezer-friendly potato soup that you can freeze into smaller portions to reheat and enjoy when you’re ready.

Hack: Wait to add the cream until it’s reheated.

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Potato Nutrition FAQ's

Are all types of potatoes equally nutritious?

 All varieties of potatoes are nutritious, and while nutrients may vary slightly depending on the variety, the differences are minimal.

Can you eat potatoes if you’re trying to lose weight?

You can include potatoes as part of a weight loss program. It’s calories that count, not eliminating certain foods. Research demonstrates that people can eat potatoes and still lose weight.

How do white potatoes and sweet potatoes compare when it comes to their nutrition?

Both sweet and white potatoes provide an excellent source of vitamin C, are good sources of potassium and B6, and provide similar amounts of protein (2g and 3g respectively).  Click here to see the nutrition comparison of White Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.


Are potatoes high in carbs?

Potatoes are a carbohydrate-rich vegetable. A medium, 5.3-ounce potato with the skin-on contains 26 grams of carbohydrate. Learn more about potatoes and carbohydrates.