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Grow Your Own Team Potato

From fostering a lively social media community to event tutorials, get everything you need to create your country’s very own thriving Team Potato.



Team Potato is an active community of everyday athletes who are united by their shared love of potatoes and all of the benefits that they provide! Members connect from around the country, both online and in-person, voluntarily sharing beloved potato recipes, fitness updates, proud stories of their potato-fueled athletic achievements, and the occasional funny potato meme.


Born in 2018, Team Potato began as a way to unite fellow potato-loving athletes and continue educating people about the power of using potatoes as a performance fuel. The club grew primarily through organic grassroots efforts, word of mouth, athletic sponsorships, and targeted partnerships with organizations like Strava, which provided access to a slew of active, potato-loving individuals. Today, Team Potato memberships are in the thousands and community engagement is at all-time highs.


More than a community of like-minded spud lovers, Team Potato is a group of passionate advocates who willingly share knowledge and love around the country. Whether it’s dispelling common potato myths and misconceptions, communicating potatoes’ many nutritional benefits, or reinforcing why they’re so important in your diet, Team Potato has made a real, positive impact on the perceptions of potatoes in America.

Growing Your Own


Start a Team Potato Facebook Page

Host Fun Fitness & Education Events

  • Create fun, engaging, and seasonally relevant fitness or educational events.

    • Runs, exercise challenges, cooking classes, etc.
      • Pro Tip: Virtual events are easiest, but in-person events are most impactful.
    • Host them on popular apps like Facebook, Strava, and more.
  • Incentivize participation with prizes or giveaways.

    • Potato branded gear, fitness products, gift cards, etc.
  • Collect emails during registration.

Recruit New People To Your Team

  • Invite active, potato-loving individuals to join Team Potato via flyers, digital ads, and event invitations.

Tending to Your Team

Create an Email Digest

Host Giveaways

Send Out Surveys

Continue To Host Fun Fitness & Education Events

Helpful Resources


If you have any questions about how to create your own Team Potato, please, get in touch.
We can’t wait to see these amazing teams sprout up around the globe!