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Can I Make a Baked Potato in the Microwave?

A microwave might seem like a fast way to make a “baked potato” but there are two reasons why it’s not a great idea.

First, microwaves heat food very unevenly, so some parts of the potato might rapidly reach 205 degrees while others get to only 180 degrees.

Second, rapidly heating a potato causes pressure to build and cell walls to burst, releasing starch molecules that glue together the broken cell walls. This results in a potato that isn’t light and fluffy, but rather dense and sticky.


Pros vs. Cons of Microwave Baked Potatoes



– Cooks rapidly, in some cases less than 10 minutes.
– Convenient, minimal equipment required.



– Potatoes don’t cook evenly; interior may have spots that aren’t light and fluffy.
– Tough leathery skin, instead of crispy skin.
– Not very appealing, shriveled skin.