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F2F Meet the Grower: Kristi Gundersen

Kristi Gundersen is a fifth-generation potato farmer based in Burlington, Washington, in the small, fertile Skagit Valley. The marine climate in this region creates a rich soil and an ideal growing environment for specialty red, white and yellow potatoes.

Kristi’s farm also implements crop rotations, allowing the farmland to regenerate for a few years after every potato harvest. These growing practices ensure nutrient-dense soil that nourishes premium potatoes.

While yellow potatoes can be challenging to grow due to their delicate skins, Kristi and her team pride themselves on their high standards for quality. To grow their delicious potatoes, she starts with the best possible seed source planted at just the right soil temperature to nurture them. That’s the advantage of 100-plus years of farming experience passed down from generation to generation. The farm gets a lot of help from Mother Nature, thanks to the rich soil and marine climate that potatoes love.

“Growing potatoes is a labor of love,” said Kristi. “We care for our potato crops like children, nurturing and tending to them until they are ready to harvest. It’s even hard to see them leave the farm!”

Kristi says what makes yellow potatoes unique is the distinctive flavor profiles among the hundreds of yellow potato varietals. Taste is an essential component in her farm’s growing practices.

The team participates in a blind taste test of all the potatoes grown to determine which varieties to keep growing in the future.

According to Kristi, yellow potatoes have a creamy, buttery, rich flavor on their own, meaning they are naturally delicious without having to add a lot of flavoring ingredients. Kristi loves her yellow potatoes cubed, shaken with olive oil, sprinkled salt and fresh rosemary and then roasted to crispy perfection!


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