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Functionality: Potatoes as Gluten-Free Alternatives in Pasta

Looking to reduce breakage and enhance color in your pasta product offering, all while reducing costs? Dehydrated potato ingredients can help improve fresh and/or dried pasta formulations and have additional benefits when used in a fresh pasta filling.

Dried pasta can be brittle and prone to breakage during packaging and transport, especially long, thin shapes like spaghetti. The use of potato flour, granules and standard potato flakes all help to enhance structural integrity and reduce breakage of the dried pasta and is particularly beneficial in alternative pasta such as gluten-free or high-fiber formulations.  See example formulations of dry and fresh pasta made with potatoes below:

Dried Pasta*

Cooked Pasta*

*Dried and Fresh pasta made with potato flakes

Potato ingredients are also successful in pasta fillings, allowing for the reduction of various fillers, such as cheese, breadcrumbs, or meat, which tend to be costly ingredients. In fresh stuffed pasta, incorporating potato flour and potato flakes with the filling can be considered when gluten-containing ingredients need to be replaced. Not only does the substitution with potatoes create a gluten-free product, but, as an added attribute, potato ingredients absorbed moisture without changing the quality of the pasta.

For the whole study on gluten-free formulation with dried, fresh and stuffed pasta, click here. For more information on baking with potatoes visit PotatoGoodness.com.

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