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Potatoes for Takeout

Friends, as restaurants across the country limit operations solely to take out/delivery, we want to offer you our support – from ideas that work well for to-go orders and cost-saving applications to storage tips and tricks to keep produce fresh.  In the face of crisis and concern, we hope we come out of this stronger and more connected than before.

Support from the U.S. Potato Industry PDF

Product Spotlight –

Potatoes have always been a trusted ingredient, something chefs reach for in almost any application. Now, more than ever, it’s time to let potatoes shine across your takeout and delivery menus. Potatoes are an ideal ingredient for many reasons – first and foremost, they are America’s favorite vegetable 1,  and they are one of the most affordable ingredients. Their versatility allows them to span across dayparts and the neutral flavor allows chefs to play with different flavor builds and cuisine types.   With labor shortages, the different formats (fresh, frozen, and dehydrated potato products) can help save time and money. Plus, with an extended shelf life, potatoes will help keep your menu fresh for as long as you need. As you work to build out your delivery offerings, here are a few of our favorite delivery-friendly potato dishes:

1 Potatoes USA. “2020 Consumer A&U Quantitative Report” January 2020

Inspiration –

Whether for a fine-dining restaurant or a quick-service chain, there’s a potato solution for everyone. Check out these potato-inspired ideas perfect for takeout menus, no matter your restaurant type.

Expert tip: storing your potatoes correctly is the easiest way to ensure fresh and tasty produce for days. We recommend storing potatoes (of all fresh varieties!) in cool, dark places and refrain from cleaning until just before use. Once cooked, you can store for 3-5 days.

Menu Spy –

It wasn’t too long ago when the only item being delivered was pizza. And while today almost anything can be delivered in under an hour, pizza will always be a mainstay of food delivery orders.  Potatoes play incredibly well with pizza, especially when they’re fried to a crisp and used as a crave-worthy topping. Watch as Chef Susan Spicer gets creative with Russet potatoes for her version of the perfect Sunday Brunch.

Did You Know?

In times of uncertainty and stress, consumers gravitate towards foods that are comforting and those that give off a sense of warmth and safety.  Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, showing up on menus in mashed, roasted, casseroled and fried formats. But with increasing importance on health and wellness, patrons are looking for ingredients and dishes that can help keep them fueled while providing comfort. Potatoes help fill both those needs.  Consider this Potato Power Bowl – a comforting yet wholesome, plant-based dish that also packs a punch of complex carbohydrates and a dose of immune-boosting vitamin C, thanks to the addition of potatoes.

Did you know a medium (5.3 oz), skin-on potato has:


Need more delivery inspiration? Take-out applications that hold well? Someone to brainstorm new ideas with? We’re here to help – let’s talk. Email us at [email protected].

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