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Quarterly Mash-Up: Issue 1: Make Your Breakfast Spud-Tacular

Reinventing All-Day Breakfast.

All-day breakfast is all the rage in foodservice.  Reinvent a classic with bite-sized, potato quiche bites, coated in a dehydrated potato flake breading and deep fried to golden perfection.  Pair a diced potato, bacon and gruyere quiche with a spicy harissa aioli, or shake up the classic quiche Lorraine with a flavorful herb aioli. Dehy isn’t only great as a breading, but can be a fantastic way to add a streusel topping any dish. Try these Potato Power Bars, filled with wholesome oats, hash browns, blueberries, shaved coconut and topped with dehydrated potato flakes for the perfect, crunchy topping.


Did You Know?


[1] Potatoes USA Foodservice Attitudes and Usage Study, 2017


 Hash Brown Calzone

From fast casual to fine dining, potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable. While baked spuds, fries and hash browns are menu mainstays, today’s consumers are also craving unique, global potato applications.  Potatoes USA is always on the lookout for the most innovative menu items from across the country to inspire you.

A globally-inspired breakfast and lunch spot in Milwaukee, WI, offers a twist on the ever-popular hash brown. A crispy hash brown patty is stuffed to order with combinations including ham and sharp cheddar, chicken chorizo, spinach and paprika aioli and roasted mushroom, creamy leeks and herb crème fraiche.  Think of it as a hash brown calzone!


Dehydrated Potatoes. The Hardest Working Pantry Item.

Patrons love the crunchy, savory flavor of a great breading on everything from apps to entrees. Choosing the right blend is critical to achieve optimal flavor and texture.  Move over panko and pretzel, dehydrated potato flakes, a kitchen staple, are one of the easiest, foolproof ingredients to add the perfect coating.

Dehydrated potatoes are great for mashed potatoes, and now chefs are discovering their versatility as a gluten-free breading.  Delicious and easy to work with, dehydrated potato flakes impart a crispy texture and evenly-browned finish to everything from fried fish and chicken strips, to mozzarella sticks and croquettes.  Dehydrated flakes are an ideal gluten-free solution for breading and works well when combined with panko or breadcrumbs for a lighter coating.


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