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Quarterly Mash-Up: Issue 3: Menu Spy

Potatoes USA hosts tours to educate importers and distributors from various countries on the versatility, quality and uses of U.S. Potatoes.  Known as Reverse Trade Missions (RTMs), the goal of these gatherings is to drive demand for U.S. grown potatoes, inspiring attendees to menu more potatoes in more creative applications.

In September 2018, Potatoes USA hosted top-tier international purchasers from Wendy’s, McDonalds, Tony Roma’s and various other international chains.  First, the group traveled to Boise, ID to visit potato farms and processing plants.  Participants were impressed by the quality and dedication of everyone across the supply chain.  The group then headed to Portland, OR for a culinary immersion, including chef demos and presentations on the profit power of U.S. potatoes.  A key takeaway from attendees was the potential of dehydrated potatoes as well as new and exciting applications for frozen potatoes at QSR chains.


Hot New Breakfast Launches

No stranger to the profit power of potatoes, Wendy’s recently launched two new breakfast bowls at select locations across the U.S. The breakfast bowls feature crispy, seasoned potatoes topped with a cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, and bacon or sausage.    The breakfast bowls are craveable, indulgent, and satisfying.  They are a great way to enjoy a hearty breakfast and start the day with complex carbohydrates, potassium, and fiber.



Potatoes Impress at Center of Plate

A growing number of consumers are turning “flexitarian,” cutting down on meat consumption in favor of more vegetables to improve their overall health.  This movement has inspired chefs to unlock the versatility of fruits and vegetables, like potatoes, which are America’s #1 vegetable¹. Vegetarian menu options are not the lone afterthought they once were.  Chefs are creating plant-based menu items that rival the popularity of even steak and chicken entrees, and more specifically that potatoes in particular provide the craveability and excitement needed to increase check averages.

Potatoes are the perfect canvas for bold flavors, and potatoes are a hero ingredient as veggies move into the center-of-the-plate.  Potatoes are ubiquitous in most of the world’s cuisines and they provide a comforting, familiarity that even the most cautious of patrons will not hesitate to sample. This show-stopping Potato Shawarma was inspired by the internationally acclaimed Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, renowned for its plant-based brilliance.  Layers of potatoes are seasoned with savory spices and spit-roasted to crisp, golden-brown perfection.  Try serving the potato shawarma on tender pieces of potato flatbread, accompanied by pickled vegetables, sauces and spreads like creamy potato hummus.

  1. Potatoes USA. “2018 Consumer A&U Quantitative Report.” January 2018, slide 24.

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