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Celebrate Read Across America Day with Potatoes

Create a whimsical world with taters for all seasons.
Serving potatoes at mealtime is fun for countless reasons.
Eating tubers with young viewers and words that rhyme,
can help these learner’s minds climb!
Six recipes we have, yes we do. These were created just for you.
Find them here, find them there, we can’t wait to share!

The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day  held every March 2nd, celebrates Dr. Seuss and you can too with these theatrical recipes to help get kids excited about reading. Have a ball reading and eating and be sure to share your kitchen masterpieces and stories that unfold.

Recipe: Eggs, Potatoes and Ham
What will your students eat on a boat, a boat that’s thin and made with potato skin? This boat has yummy foods to note, like cheesy green eggs and ham that will sure to please all breakfast fans. For lunch or brunch, it’s up to you; either way, it’ll be a tremendous breakthrough. Your students could eat them here and there. Students can eat them anywhere! Serve this boat on the go, wrapped in foil that will not spoil, with a muffin made in the oven.

Book recommended to read with meal: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Recipe: Blue Mashed Potato Goo
If you need something new to do, here’s a new recipe for you to chew. Kids will love these light and fluffy mashed potatoes and are simple to whip up. For a more natural touch, use purple/blue potatoes. Or for a quicker mix, reach for dehydrated potatoes. Add sticks of red and yellow bell peppers and serve this side dish with turkey and ham bricks and a dinner roll block.

Book recommended to read with meal: Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Recipe: Stuffed Spud Stars
Delicious and cheesy, this twice baked potato recipe is easy. Have a ball with zucchini that’s very greeny, loaded with chicken that’s diced in the kitchen. Shaped like large star-bellies, these studly spuds taste great served in delis. Prepped well in advance can be something you boast when all you have to do is roast. Following this recipe quite precisely, the kids will like it rather nicely.

Book recommended to read with meal: The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss

Recipe: Lunch Munch Chili Fries
A trio of chefs from a fun-loving school, have been at it again with a masterpiece that’s cool. Hot dogs and beans and fries, all of which your students will recognize. Roasted and toasted and sliced and diced, this lunch your students will think is oh so nice! Crispy baked fries topped with sliced hot dogs, melted cheddar cheese, and chili. Serve this loaded fry work-of-art with sliced fruit and a dinner roll.

Book recommended to read with meal: Diffendoofer Day by Dr. Seuss

Recipe:  Mozzarella Potato Stacks
No need for a pita when making this pizza, using hash browns that stack, and you’ll never go back. Sauce that stripes will resemble that hat, that one worn by a mischievous cat. Stuff the patties with pepperoni and cheese, this will be a meal that’s sure to please. Crispy hash brown patties layered with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and zesty marinara sauce. Pair this scrumptious entree with a fresh salad, green grapes, and garlic bread.

Book recommended to read with meal: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

Recipe:  Boat Hop Breakfast Chomp
If your students like to eat potato crisps and chew pork chops, I suggest you chew on this Boat Hop Breakfast Chomp. Crispy potato half-shells loaded like boats, with hashbrowns and cheesy chops to tote! Serve with a muffin and jam that pairs nicely with the ham.

Book recommended to read with meal: Oh, Say can you Say? by Dr. Seuss.

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