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School Foodservice

School Foodservice Operator: Helen Duran

Featured Operator: Helen Duran

Title: Nutrition Culinary Trainer and Chef

School District: Coppell ISD, TX

Favorite Potato Recipe/ Hack: “Our students love potatoes! We serve them often. In fact, we just launched a baked potato bar with our elementary students and it was very successful. Having Potatoes USA at our school helped to open my eyes on how we can use potatoes in everyday applications that the students love. It brings new life to tired recipes and it’s something the students already love. Using the mashed potatoes in the lasagna is a great idea to add more vegetables to this dish and a great way to utilize any leftover mashed potatoes. The Potato USA visit was even more than I expected. We all learned something and the kids loved it. We have three recipes ready to go that we can add to our menus right now. That’s amazing. There was prep before, obviously, but we were able to work through the challenges in all three recipes in two days of hard work!  We served over 2000 samples in 2 ½ hours! Whew!!! It was a joy to work with Potatoes USA. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

“I have a few tips and tricks that I use for cooking potatoes:

  1. To test for doneness, potatoes are done when you can push a toothpick through them without resistance. A knife will not work, it is too sharp and will cut. With a toothpick, you can feel the texture more clearly. If you feel a “crisp” or hard place, cook them some more.
  2. If you are making a potato salad, cook the potatoes and when they are done, drain well. Mix the hot potatoes with some of the vinegar from your recipe. If you are making a mayonnaise-based recipe, add lemon juice to the hot potatoes. As the potatoes cool, they absorb the liquid. The salad is easier to season because the potatoes already have the flavor of the potato salad.”

Check out our Road Show success here and the favorite recipe, the Bombay Pizza.

If you’d like to have a Recipe Tasting Road Show with Potatoes USA in your district, please send us a note at [email protected]!

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