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Farm to Fork: Frozen Edition Specialty Cuts

Form Overview:

With so many options, potatoes are just the spark it takes to ignite creative menu items that customers will crave. The different shapes, sizes, and textures are perfect for pairing with on-trend sauces and dips, and the versatile, familiar flavor of potato complements any cuisine, menu category or daypart.

Who doesn’t love crinkle fries? Their hearty structure and texture make them ideal for dipping or “loading”, as they’re great for grabbing and holding on to sauces and toppings.

Loop or curly fries are frozen fries with a twist— literally. The unique shape is popular among consumers and offers a fun and unique eye appeal to any dish.

Whether you call them criss-cut fries, waffle fries, lattice fries or basket-weave fries, these thick slices of potato are cut into a criss-cross pattern that’s impossible not to notice. They can also be prepared with custom seasonings and batters to create a signature product. They’re also a great alternative to chips, as they work well to scoop up dips and other bites of food.

Quick & Easy Ideas

Fries are delicious as is but can easily be dressed up with the right seasonings, sauces, and toppings.  Consider these flavorful combinations for your next LTO or appetizer offering.

Out of the box uses:

Crinkle Fries
The distinctive cut of this fry makes it an excellent choice to pair with creative dipping sauces. It’s earned pride of place as the featured fry in some beer pubs, as it makes an excellent appetizer. Serve alongside our Potato Pimento Cheese Dip for the perfect potato one-two punch.

Curly Fries
The unusual shape of these fries makes them a premium promotional item at many restaurants. Consider using these fries for your next LTO to drive more demand and sales. Bonus – they have an extended holding time, staying crispy longer, and making them ideal for delivery, takeout and hotels (for room service).

Lattice Fries
They’re excellent appetizers and even desserts – try our spin on America’s favorite dessert – Waffle Fry S’mores!

Chef’s Tips/Recipe Spotlight:

Try these Pork & Waffles – a fun take on the world-famous BBQ Butt Fries.


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