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Farm to Fork: Frozen Edition Straight Cut Fries

Form Overview:

What would a burger be without fries? It’s no surprise frozen straight cut fries are a popular side served alongside a variety of hot and cold sandwiches in restaurants all over the world. At their best when served hot and lightly salted, frozen straight-cut fries are available in a variety of coatings and seasonings that enhance flavor and increase holding times. To maximize servings per case, always order Extra Long or Extra Long Fancy fries.

Quick & Easy Uses:

Try using straight-cut fries as a crust in your next breakfast casserole. Simply line the bottom of a baking dish with the frozen fries, then add your favorite veggies, cheese, meat, and top with whisked eggs. Bake covered until the egg has set and serve hot.  Some favorite flavor combinations:

Out of the box uses:

Straight cut fries are certainly the most ubiquitous fry shape, but there are plenty of unique and innovative ways you can serve up this fry. Try baking instead of frying or toss in a unique blend of spices as a global take on an American favorite. A blend of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and ginger will transport you straight to Morocco! Another way to have some fun with your fries is to play with different oils and fats when frying. Any oil with a high smoke option is an excellent choice. Clean oil and a great fryer are key to crispy, tender and delicious fries.

Chef’s Tips/Recipe Spotlight:

Try swapping out your traditional bread croutons for a fry crouton – instant salad topper upgrade! Simply start with straight cut fries, dice into 1/2” pieces and bake (or fry) for a perfectly crisp, flavorful golden-brown (AND gluten-free) potato crouton – perfect for salads, soups and more!

Looking for more craveworthy frozen fry inspiration? Click here for additional ideas your patrons are sure to love!

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