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Your Guide To Fries

Product Spotlight –

As the industry shifts and evolves, fries reign supreme as the number one side dish ordered at food service across segments, service styles, meal occasions and cuisines¹. From shoestring to steak fries, simply salted to sensationally smothered, side dishes made with America’s Favorite Vegetable¹ are always on trend and in demand. Fries come in a variety of formats, shapes and sizes, which means there is a fry for every operation. And as operators continue to focus on serving the best quality food for delivery and takeout orders, the product you choose is more important than ever.

For more inspiration and tips, visit the Fry Guide Page.

Inspiration –

Give more variety to your menu by adding loaded fries using ingredients you already have in house. Loaded fries have been gaining in popularity and using fries as a base for various topped, smothered or layered builds is a great way to deliver the flavors and fries your diners crave. A few ideas for inspiration:

 Menu Spy –

Potatoes USA partnered with chefs across the country to develop delivery-friendly dishes that operators could easily incorporate on their off-premise menus. Our friend and partner, Chef Rock Harper, created these Greek-inspired loaded fries using all the flavors from the Mediterranean. Olive tapenade, tomatoes, feta and arugula make this dish light yet full of flavor.

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Did You Know?

The type of fry you choose can mean the difference between soggy fries and hot, crispy fries delivered to your patrons. But that is only half the equation. How you package and bag your fries makes a huge impact on the quality of the final product. A combination of proper airflow and product protection is the name of the game for safe and delicious takeout, and a simple napkin can be a fry’s best friend. The way you pack the whole order is as important as the individual containers for the best fry experience. For all our tips and tricks on how to ensure hot, crispy and delicious fries,  visit YourGuideToFries.com  or download our fry guide.

¹Potatoes USA. “2020 Consumer A&U Quantitative Report” January 2020, slide 72, 74

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