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Potatoes on Asian Menus

Trends & Menu Opportunities

60% of independent Asian restaurants menu potatoes, paving the way for Asian chain restaurants to pick up on innovative potato ideas to implement across their own menus.

Martin Yan

Award-winning Asian chef

“In northern China, potatoes are widely used in a variety of dishes. Why? Because potatoes are economic, available year-round, and can help cut down in food costs. Use more potatoes to help save on food costs while attracting mainstream customers.”

Potatoes on Asian Menus

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In a ghost-kitchen trial concept, Orange Chicken & Waffle Fries was the most popular item ordered, followed by Beef & Broccoli Fries.

92% of consumers who ordered from the ghost-kitchen concept said the dishes met or exceeded expectations, with over 50% saying they’d order again.

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Dishes versus Penetration

Top Asian Dishes Featuring Potatoes

Fries 43.6%
Salad 7.7%
Mashed Potato 6.1%
Potato Pancake 1.9%
Hash 1.6%

Trending Ingredients Paired with Potatoes on Asian Menus

4-year growth

Eggplant (+213%)
Spicy Mayo (+158%)
Jasmine Rice (+158%)
Green Onion (+125%)
Squid (+56%) Celery (+56%)
Pork Belly (+56%)

“I like fried rice and this was a good version of fried rice. Texture wise, I didn’t notice a difference with the potatoes.”

Potatoes as a substitute for rice resonates with consumers and are viewed as an exciting new twist that can enhance many Asian dishes.Rice and potatoes can be menued together to create a delicious dish – in fact, potatoes in rice entrées have the third highest incidence on menus.

Stir-Fried “Riced” Potatoes

Most Menued Asian Dishes

Fried Rice (80.9%)
Dumplings (68.2%)
Sweet and Sour (64.9%)
Spring Rolls (56.1%)

Potato Spins on Most Menued Asian Dishes