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All About Potatoes

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s potatoes all the time around here!

Potato Recipes

The Potato: Your humble, nutrient-dense, vegetable.

Everything you need to know about potatoes:

Explore the variety of different potato types and the best ways to cook them.

Dig into potato nutrition or discover the best ways to store potatoes by checking out the storage guide.

Learn fun history facts about potatoes and get answers to the most frequently asked potato questions.

Potato Nutrition

Fueling Performance

Potatoes are a nutrient-dense powerhouse, that provides the energy, potassium and vitamin C you need to fuel your day.

Get the Facts

Potatoes are more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable, are an excellent source of vitamin C and have more potassium than a banana.

In Your Diet

Potatoes are naturally fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free with only 110 calories per 5.3-ounce serving.

More Nutrition

Potato Recipe Classics

The Gold Standard

Tips and Tricks

Potato Tips

Potato Storage

The best way to store potatoes is in a cool, well-ventilated place.


Potato Types

Each potato type has unique characteristics and cooking recommendations.


Cooking Potatoes

From the grill, to the oven, to the microwave, to the air fryer.


Just how old is the potato actually?

The Incas in Peru were the first to cultivate potatoes around 8,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C. In 1536, Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru, discovered the flavors of potato, and brought them back to Europe.


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