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Potato Trends

The 10 Most Popular Potato Recipes of 2023

Just because 2023 is over, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to try some of the most popular—and delicious!—potato recipes of the year! From breakfast to dinner, and from entrees to sides, this list includes recipes for any time of day and features many types of potatoes.

1. Smoked Scalloped Potatoes

Try a twist on creamy scalloped potatoes by cooking them in a smoker. This gives a classic dish a new, complex flavor that’s sure to wow. You can even experiment with different smoking woods.


2. Potato and Egg Bake

Great for breakfast or dinner, this egg bake combines red potatoes with eggs, veggies, and cheese all in one dish to minimize prep and clean up. Want a little more protein? Chopped ham or crumbled-up bacon would be a delicious addition.


3. Grilled Yellow Potato Planks

If you haven’t tried grilling potatoes yet, this is your sign to give it a go! Add seasoned yellow potato slices to the grill with your protein, and you’ve got an easy, complete meal.


4. Mashed Potato and Egg Bites

This is a great recipe to use up leftover mashed potatoes. Combine them with eggs and seasonings, and then bake them in a cupcake tin for a bite-sized side or an easy, grab-and-go breakfast.


5. Potato Pupusa

Pupusas, which are El Salvadorian flatbreads, are typically made with cornmeal or rice flour. This recipe adds dehydrated potato flakes to create a rich, fluffy texture that crisps up nicely. Stuffed with cheese and bacon, these potato pupusas are sure to be a hit.


6. Crispy Schmaltz Roasted Potatoes

Rich, crispy, and tasty, these roasted red potatoes get a boost of flavor from chicken. They’re a delicious addition to a celebratory meal. While they seem fancy, they’re relatively easy to prepare.


7. Mini Potato Skins

Make entertaining easy and yummy with these mini potato skins. The trick is to slice your russets into thin rings, instead of the lengthwise cut for traditional potato skins. These mini versions require less prep and cook quickly.


8. Air Fryer Baked Potato

Want a perfectly fluffy baked potato prepared in less time? Use an air fryer! Baked potatoes are a great option for a crowd-pleasing dinner when everyone can select their own toppings. Go classic with butter, cheese, chives, or sour cream. Or get creative with chili, veggies, or BBQ.


9. Classic American Potato Salad

Nothing says “summer fun” like classic American potato salad. Full of tangy, creamy flavor, this is the quintessential potato salad. Make sure you drain your boiled potatoes well, and allow all the steam to escape, before mixing in the rest of the ingredients to ensure your potato salad doesn’t get watery.

10. Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Potatoes

Garlic, parmesan, and potatoes are a classic combination. They come together quickly–and turn out extra crispy–when you use an air fryer. Frozen fries are also a great substitute in this recipe if you want to get it on the table even faster.


Make sure to leave a review if you give these recipes a try and be on the lookout for more ways to prepare potatoes in 2024!

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