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No Oven, No Problem: Healthy, Affordable Potato Dishes for the Air Fryer, Microwave and Toaster

Attention all dorm dwellers, tiny apartment residents, or anyone who’s just over their oven, we’ve got healthy, affordable potato recipes that don’t require a kitchen! Just plug in your air fryer, microwave or toaster to prepare a meal that’s sure to please.

“With the new school year starting, everyone’s looking for nutritious, easy and affordable food,” said Chef R.J. Harvey, director of culinary at Potatoes USA and a registered dietitian. “Potatoes to the rescue! They’re a nutrient-dense vegetable at a great value, and you can cook them just about any way imaginable.”

From a nutrition standpoint, a medium (5.3 ounce) skin-on potato is an excellent source of vitamin C (30% of daily value (DV)), and a good source of potassium (15% DV) and vitamin B6 (10% DV). Potatoes are naturally fat-, cholesterol- and sodium-free, and they have fiber to help you feel full longer.

Here are some of Chef R.J.’s favorite no-oven potato hacks.

When Cooking Potatoes In The Air Fryer:

Air fryers heat up fast and help you get a crispy potato. Have a fiesta with Air Fryer Potato Quesadillas (with a guest appearance from the microwave to prep the filling). How about pizza night with more potassium using Air Fryer Parmesan Potato Pizza Crusts? In a snacking mood? Try Air Fryer Potatoes with Green Goddess Dip. Or check out even more air fryer recipes on PotatoGoodness.com.

So, you’re sold on the concept that potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition.  You also know that they are one of the greatest bargains in the produce section.  But did you know potatoes are terrifically convenient, too?  Whether the family favorite is mashed, roasted, or au gratin, baking potatoes in the microwave  can revolutionize the way you prepare potatoes.


When Cooking Potatoes In The Microwave:

Choosing the right potato is critical. For classic baked potatoes, which are light and fluffy on the inside, a potato with more starch and less moisture works best. Therefore, we recommend a Russet potato.
When microwaving more than one potato, try to select potatoes of the same size so they cook evenly.
Make sure to scrub the potatoes of any dirt prior to cooking.
Pierce the potatoes lightly across the surface with the tines of a fork or the tip of a paring knife.
Potatoes cooked in the microwave should have some space in between them to ensure even cooking.
Start potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes, and if the potatoes are not fork tender at the end of the time, add another minute in increments until the potatoes are tender or a knife has little to no resistance when inserted.
Once the potatoes are tender, lightly oil the skin with a neutral oil (vegetable, canola, avocado oil, etc.) and place under the broiler for 1-2 minutes to lightly crisp the skin.


When Cooking Potatoes In The Toaster Oven:

Put your toaster oven to work on a vegetable by making baked potatoes. First, preheat to 400°F. Wash your potatoes and coat them with a bit of oil. Once preheated, place the potatoes directly on the center rack. One medium potato will take about 45 minutes to cook. Want to step up your flavor without adding a lot of calories? Cooking Light has some great suggestions, including:


“Potatoes are the perfect vehicle to deliver flavor, and anybody can cook them with just a few simple tools,” said Harvey.
“If your access to kitchen facilities is limited and you want a nutritious, plant-based meal, you really can’t beat the potato
in your air fryer, microwave or toaster oven.”