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Delicious Potato Recipes

You'll love these favorites all summer long!



Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Taste

“Did you know, potatoes are featured in some of the most healthy and popular diets, including Mediterranean, DASH and Flexitarian? On top of that, there’s research that suggests eating potatoes may prevent you from feeling hungry and keep you filled up!”

– Cara Harbstreet, RD

Grilled Potato Kabobs with Lemon

Grilling potatoes is on trend this summer *sizzle sizzle*

By adding chicken and veggies, this becomes a whole meal in one kabob.

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On-the-Go Potatoes

These on-the-go potatoes are a perfect filling, and nutritious snack you can easily pack and take with you for a mid-hike or commute.

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Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Colorful, and tasty recipe utilizing a variety of potatoes and delicious ham. Perfect for entertaining over Memorial Day and July 4th weekend. Bonus: It has walnuts for an added crunch.

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Potato Nutrition FAQ's

Are all types of potatoes equally nutritious?

 All varieties of potatoes are nutritious, and while nutrients may vary slightly depending on the variety, the differences are minimal.

Can you eat potatoes if you’re trying to lose weight?

You can include potatoes as part of a weight loss program. It’s calories that count, not eliminating certain foods.  Among a study of participants, those who ate potatoes as part of a calorie reduced eating plan still lost weight.

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How do white potatoes and sweet potatoes compare when it comes to their nutrition?

Both sweet and white potatoes provide an excellent source of vitamin C, are good sources of potassium and B6, and provide similar amounts of protein (2g and 3g respectively).  Click here to see the nutrition comparison of White Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.


Are potatoes high in carbs?

Potatoes are a carbohydrate-rich vegetable. A medium, 5.3-ounce potato with the skin-on contains 26 grams of carbohydrate. Learn more about potatoes and carbohydrates.